Anti-slip Runners

Drainage Runner


  • Reversible
  • Light Weight
  • Excellent anti slip
  • Reduce breakage of dropped object
  • Drainage holes to keep the surface dry

Suggested Placements

  • Dish washing area
  • Bar
  • Food preparation area
  • Entrance ramp
  • Assembly line
Item Number Size Weight (Lb) Color
RDM0332TH 3’x32’x3/8″ 140.8 Red
RDM0332BH 3’x32’x3/8″ 118.8 Black
RDM0232TH 2’x32’x3/8″ 92.4 Red
RDM0232BH 2’x32’x3/8″ 79.2 Black

Cutting groove line for straight cutting