Keep straight-edge mat aligned

Two pieces minimum for each joint


  • Connector piece to join AFD366034T or AFD366078T
  • Grease Resistant


  • Connector piece to join AFD366034B or AFD366078B
  • General Purpose
Item Number Size Weight (Lb) Color
CONN3478T 2.5″x3″x3/4″ 0.1 Red
CONN3478B 2.5″x3″x3/4″ 0.1 Black

Ramp Edges

Reduce Tripping Hazard

  • Ramp attachment for the 36″/60″ side of the AFD366034T or AFD366078T and AFD366034B or AFD366078B
  • Grease Resistant (Red)
  • General Purpose (Black)
  • Easy access for wheels
Item Number Size Weight (Lb) Color
RAMP363478T 2.5″x36″ 1.5 Red
RAMP363478B 2.5″x36″ 1.5 Black
RAMP603478T 2.5″x60″ 2.4 Red
RAMP603478B 2.5″x60″ 2.4 Black

Wash Rack

  • Stain Steel Wash Rack
  • 8 Mats Capacity
  • Four Wheels
  • Easy Installation
  • Knock Down
Item Number Size Weight (Lb)
MR-8 41″x28″x2.5″ 22